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Why You Feel ‘Brain Dead’ In Under 19mins – & What To Do About It

So many people struggle to get through a workday without reaching for large amounts of processed sugar or medication. Most feel so emotionally and mentally depleted by the end of a day that they have nothing left for their loved ones.

We are all designed to live out our purpose and engage in meaningful work.

(Image credit @jshnaaa)

(Image credit @jshnaaa)

When our lives begin to feel depleted, or we are always feeling sick and tired; it isn’t necessarily the fault of WHAT we are doing for work, but HOW we are engaging in that work.

Our brain needs regular sugar, oxygen and water to work properly. It also needs regular brain-breaks to replenish it’s energy.

Once you feel like you’ve hit a wall, like you have no more original thoughts left in your head – you feel ‘brain dead’.

Feeling¬†‘brain dead’ is not just about how long you’ve been working for. It’s an effect based on how much you have used up the energy in your brain & how much you’ve replenished it.

It is very possible to feel ‘brain dead’ after an intense 19 minute meeting or it could take the whole day.

Some of the most energy draining tasks to the brain:

  • self control
  • memorising
  • prioritising
  • decision making

Many people underestimate how much daily life effects their brain’s capacity.

For example, a parent who has had to engage significant amounts of personal self control to deal with tantrums from their child could arrive at work first thing in the morning already significantly depleted.

An employee who is studying & memorising for an upcoming exam, could struggle to deal with basic work decisions that they previously found simple.

The key is self awareness – knowing when you have personally hit a wall.

Once the energy from your brain has been drained, you need a brain break.

If you don’t take a brain break and allow your brain to replenish energy, your body will start craving sugar (energy drinks, chocolate, caffeine). If you are finding you have an addiction to sugar and can’t get through your work day without it, its probably because your brain is exhausted with the way you are working.

You will also find you have a constant wave of headaches, tiredness and can’t think straight. Your decisions will take significantly longer process time, and you will probably make different decisions when you’re tired than you would if you were feeling fresh.


The 9 HOW’s to replenish the energy in your brain:

  • Eat proper meals – taking lunch breaks
  • Try an exercise or yoga class in your lunch breaks
  • Get some fresh air
  • Go for a walk outside
  • Have a sleep – go to bed early at night or have a afternoon nap
  • Do some mindfulness meditation
  • Eat regularly including natural sugar in your diet, like fruit
  • Drink lots of water
  • Every 25-45mins, have a short break from what you are doing for a few minutes – talk to someone, walk around the office, get a glass of water


Although these sound like basic things, most people don’t do them.

Regularly looking after yourself and your brain will help you be more productive and effective at work; and leave you with energy to spare at the end of the day for your loved ones.

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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation.