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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation

Hi! I'm Sarah

Writer, Speaker, Founder

Here is my story...

I’ve always been ambitious, knowing that I was

called to do something meaningful with my life.

I spent years studying English and Psychology.

I then took this knowledge, and together with my husband Colin,

shared it within ministry, non-for-profit & corporate environments.


Even though I was experiencing external success,

on the inside I was caught up in self doubt and

paralyzed by fears & insecurities.


And then my life got turned upside down on

one Friday morning in November…

It was early in the morning when my doctor called.


I’ll never forget his words…

“Sarah I’m clearing my schedule, you have to come in immediately.

Your results have come back suspicious.”

And then the word that turned my

world upside down – cancer.


During the next 18 months I was treated for an aggressive form of thyroid cancer.


My diagnosis of cancer brought a deeply confronting reality of the

limited time of my life and made me wake up to realise what a small

world I was creating for myself.


Although it was one of the toughest

experiences of my life, I truly believe

my cancer diagnosis was a gift…


I was finally fed up and refused to live any more of my life

confined by the fear, self-doubt or insecurity.


That is the gift within any pain,

it is often the catalyst of change and transformation.

Unfortunately cancer wasn’t the end of my journey, & I had many years of pain and health challenges after this.

(See my full story HERE)


But since these life-altering events, I’ve had the courage to live braver.

I have chosen to follow my heart when it comes to creating a meaningful career.

I have chosen courage in the face of fears.

And I have given myself permission to live a more creative, purposeful life…


My hope, is that you will be inspired to do the same…

“Everything that has happened to you is either an opportunity to grow, or an obstacle to prevent you from growing… You get to choose.” Wayne Dyer



Official bio...

Sarah Boyd is an authority on resilience, courage, and creativity.

She holds a Masters in Educational Psychology & a Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership.

Sarah has deeply personal experience in navigating stressful life events, such as cancer and chronic health conditions, while building and running successful businesses in America and Australia.

She is the Founder of Resilient Little Hearts Children’s Publishing House, & a children’s book author.

She is passionate about lifting the limits off an individuals potential so they can pursue their dreams & live a meaningful life.

Sarah is married to Colin & they live in Newport Beach, California with their 2 children.


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