Sarah Boyd

Are you an ambitious, purpose-driven woman who wants to make a difference in the world?

Do you dream of making a larger impact?

Of trail-blazing new paths?

Of leaving a legacy?

It’s time to stop playing small, & wishing for something to happen “one day”.

It’s time to live your bigger life today. 

RISE Leadership Private Mentoring

RISE Leadership Private Mentoring provides 1-on-1 support to increase and expand your confidence, strategy & platform in leadership.



Sessions are bespoke to your needs & goals, but some of the areas we will cover:

  • How to master the internal confidence that is needed to lead on a greater level – the things we say to ourselves; overcoming our doubts & insecurities.
  • Getting clear on what you really want – those secret ‘heart’ dreams that you’re too scared to even say out loud.
  • The reasons or ‘limiting beliefs’ that have stopped you taking action towards these dreams.
  • If you are leading your own movement – what is required to transition from a side project or ‘hobby’, into full time focus.
  • How to listen & trust your intuition as your world becomes noisier with others opinions.
  • The structures & systems that are needed to support growth as you scale.
  • How to hire (when, what to look for in a team member, & how to overcome your resistance to doing so).
  • Trouble-shooting the transitions within leadership promotion.
  • How to lead a purposeful difference without burning out.

Working with Sarah..

“She understands what drives a movement…”

“Sarah’s warm & open approach generates instant trust, & her ability to ask the right questions and direct the conversation to lead to the answers that may be hidden under many layers, is incredible. She has helped me make huge progress in the right direction for my charity, Be Hers. Sarah understands what drives a movement and her insight, leadership advice and ability to draw out the real answers is invaluable.” Melody, Founding CEO of Be Hers (Australia)


“I found clarity, courage and conviction…”

“By working with Sarah I was able to identify with greater clarity the dream that has been in my heart for so long and deciding to go for it. I found clarity, courage and conviction to do it and do it now! I found every discussion with Sarah encouraging and empowering. A few sessions with Sarah have done in me, years and years worth of work and I have found it to be truly life-changing.” Sharon, Pastor & Community Leader (Rural Australia)


“I feel lighter & better equipped for the future…”

“Prior to working with Sarah, I had challenges thriving in a new leadership position. With Sarah’s empathy, understanding and skill, I learnt to see my current struggles from a different perspective. I feel lighter, & better equipped for the future. I’d recommend working with Sarah to any woman who is bravely leading others, stepping into new territory & navigating calling, feelings & overwhelm.” Sandra, Church & Community Leader (Copenhagen, Denmark)


“She creates life changing impacts…”

“Prior to working with Sarah, I was facing challenges in taking a rapidly growing business & knowing how to transition from primarily working in my business to working on my business.  Sarah is able to pick up on details you say and creates life changing impacts. I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking to take a leap in their business.” Vanessa, Speech Pathologist & Business owner (Sydney, Australia)


“She balances compassion with insight & concrete suggestions…”

“Sarah is encouraging, supportive, and an excellent listener. She balances her excellent listening skills & compassion with insight into what the next steps could look like & concrete suggestions. I would recommend Sarah’s services for anyone who knows in their heart they are a leader, whether you have a title or not. Especially people who wish to make a difference in the world and help people.” Maria, Social Worker (Queensland, Australia)


“I have a new sense of energy & self awareness…” 

“Working with Sarah provided me with a deeper sense of understanding of the thought patterns that were causing barriers in my leadership. Working on these barriers with Sarah has provided me with a new sense of energy & self awareness, which has increased my understanding of my own and others behaviours in leadership settings.” Helena, Manager in multi-national corporation (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The Details...

RISE Leadership Private Mentoring – 3 month package

6 X 1 hr fortnightly sessions on skype or the phone.

Access to in-depth leadership assessment – where you are & where you want to go


Limited spaces are available by application only.


If this is the support you’ve been looking for or you’d love to explore how it could help you, I’d be happy to chat to you.

I have spots open for complimentary clarity calls & I’d love to personally invite you to book your spot.

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