Sarah Boyd

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When you’re a leader or entrepreneur, you live a very unique life. 

The path you have chosen (or has chosen you) is filled with more pressure & uncertainty than normal.

There are very high highs and very low lows.


1 in 3 entrepreneurs suffer from anxiety. 

40% of leaders experience depression. 

And creators & innovators are significantly more likely to experience depression than the normal population. 

Yet many suffer silently, choosing again the path of purpose and creation despite the rollercoaster of emotions & expectations.


How you manage stress & pressure has more to do with your long term success than any other factor. 

You can only embrace expansion or promotion to your current capacity to withstand pressure.

This is why Emotional Resilience is so important.


Emotional Resilience is the capacity to adapt to stress and pressure. 

It is the internal ability to manage challenging (& even unexpected) life events and RISE…

Research has found that long term success has more to do with skill of resilience, than any other contributing factor (including IQ, talent & background). 


Do you feel like you’ve fully processed past negative life events?

Would you like to cope better with the daily demands of your life & business?

Imagine how it would feel to have the internal resources & practical tools to create a level of ease, peace & freedom as you build your life’s purpose.

That’s why I created E-SCHOOL…

The Details...


Emotional Resilience For Leaders & Influencers


E-School is a 6-week online transformational video course for leaders & influencers.

Backed by neuroscience research, this course will equip you with mindset & internal strategies to deal with stress, challenge & adversity; so that you can bounce back from whatever situation life throws you.

Upon purchase you will receive instant access to our membership site, where each week a new video training module with downloadable worksheet will be made available.

This is a self-study course so you can work through the course at your own pace, with no time restrictions!

In This Program You'll Discover...

  • The neuroscience of resilience – why you react the way you do, & how to take control of these processes forever.
  • The 5 tools for handling stress in high-stakes situations so that you can bring your best to the table
  • The critical mindset shifts during a time of change & tranisiton so that you can adapt to the change more quickly & with more flow
  • How to take life-changing pain & trauma, & turn it around for growth & transformation
  • You’ll walk away from E-SCHOOL feeling confident, equipped & ready for whatever situation may come your way.

You May Be Thinking...

Can I really learn Emotional Resilience? 

Although we are all born with the capacity to be resilient, growing up we often learn negative coping patterns (or no one teaches us positive ones). Many of us can withstand a high degree of pressure, but the question is – at what cost?

After the crisis, what has happened to your health, your reputation and integrity? what has happened to the relationships around you?

Emotional Resilience isn’t just about ‘coping’, it is about learning to cope in healthy & positive ways.


How can Emotional Resilience help me make money? 

There have been countless studies that show that your level of emotional resilience & mastery are connected to your level of income. It has also been found to be the highest predictor of workplace performance (across any industry).

Research has also found that personal financial success is  85% emotional mastery & 15% technical ability. And success in starting & running your own company has been linked to emotional resilience than any other defining factor.

So the truth is if you want to make more money & increase your leadership platform, you need to increase your emotional resilience.


Isn’t feeling anxious and overwhelmed a normal part of running a business? 

Navigating risk, uncertainty and demand is a normal part of running a business. But living in a constant state of anxiety, stress and overwhelm is not. This is why it’s even more important for leaders and influencers to build their emotional resilience so that they are strong enough to handle their life calling.


I’m not feeling that stressed at the moment, why do I need to learn about Emotional Resilience? 

Because life & business are unexpected. This is an inner strength training program. If you want to expand your business & platform, you need to increase your capacity to handle pressure.Waiting for a crisis or unexpected stress, is a reactive response that could cost you in the long term.


Isn’t this a fluffy & intangible subject that doesn’t really make a difference in reality? 

Although the concept of Emotional Resilience may sound intangible, this program is grounded in psychological & neuroscience studies. There is a breadth of academic research that examines what happens in our brain when we are under stress, & what specific coping skills do within the brain to calm that stress.

If you have ever gone through a hard time in life, you will know how much your coping & thriving through the situation has to do with your perspective, your ability to manage your thinking, the ability to process complex emotions & to reach out for support when necessary.


Is this a personal program or a business program? 

This is both. The resources & tools in E-SCHOOL are designed to equip you for navigating every day stresses, to high performance in critical moments; it will help you in leading teams & employees, and being a support if a family member is going through a difficult time.


Is this program just for women? 

No, although some of my other programs are focused for women, E-SCHOOL is designed to help any individual (male or female) manage stress & master their inner world.


I’m extremely overwhelmed & anxious, can this program really help me? 

Yes. The tools in E-SCHOOL will be instantly applicable to help you deal with overwhelm & stress.

DISCLAIMER: this is a self study, group training platform that is intended to teach you the mindset & internal coping skills to deal with stress & pressure. If you are experiencing chronic anxiety & depression, & are under the care of a clinical psychologist, E-SCHOOL should not be replacing their advice & your personal care plan.




“Sarah couples the neuroscience & what’s going on in the brain, with leadership & the entrepreneurial life. So many people feel alone when they’re going through challenge (such as launching a business) & this empowers them.”

Shannon, Founder & CEO of ‘The Cultured Kid’. 



“E-SCHOOL has helped me learn tools & skills to lead my 30 employees even better. I would recommend E-SCHOOL for every entrepreneur, but in particular for business owners with employees, because having the psychology background of the course has helped me understand the minds of my staff to lead them through change.

Amelia, Owner of 3 retail florist shops. 



“E-SCHOOL is a wholistic approach to business. It made me feel comfortable & validated, that my emotions & my experiences were normal. But it also gave me practical strategies to move forward.”

Vicky, Owner of boutique health & wellness centre



“Working with Sarah provided me with a deeper sense of understanding of the thought patterns that were causing barriers in my leadership. Working on these barriers has provided me with a new sense of energy & self awareness” Helena, Leader in multi-national corporation 

“Everything that has happened to you is either an opportunity to grow, or an obstacle to prevent you from growing…

You get to choose.”

Wayne Dyer

The Course...

MODULE 1 – Emotional Resilience

This module unpacks what emotional resilience is & why it is so important. Sarah shares her very personal story that called on all her inner strength, & what has gone on to inspire her work. It will also unpack the main model of E-SCHOOL.


MODULE 2 – The Neuroscience of Resilience

If you have ever over-reacted in a situation, and found yourself asking later “why did I react like that?”, this module will unpack the process for you.

The teaching in Module 2 is designed to bring awareness to the unconscious processes in the brain that are driving all of our emotional reactions to stress.

Gaining a deeper awareness of these processes, will empower you to take control of the process. So that you can respond, rather than react.


MODULE 3 – How To Stay Calm In High Stakes Situations

We are all confronted on a daily basis with important situations that require us to respond well.

When we emotionally react, rather than respond, it erodes personal reputation & damages relationships. If this is something that is happening regularly, or it happens in a high stakes situation, it can be devastating.

The teaching in Module 3 will unpack five practical strategies, based on neuroscience, that will calm down your stress & emotional response. Thus allowing you the space & control you need to respond to the situation accordingly.


MODULE 4 – Dealing With Change & Transition

It is often the bigger times of change & transition in our lives that we struggle to navigate.

Whether the change is something that we have chosen, or it is something that has happened to us (thus forcing us to change), there is a normal psychological process that occurs to adjust to the change.

The more awareness we gain of this process, the more we can flow with it, rather than resist it.

The teachings in Module 4 will also give you two specific strategies to adapt to change more quickly & with more flow.


MODULE 5 – From Trauma, To Growth & Transformation

A painful or traumatic situation is a line in the sand of time. There is life “before it”, & life “after it”, but life never really can go back to normal after it has happened.

Many mistakenly believe that adversity or trauma are situations that break us, that we almost cannot ever really recover from.

Although these situations will forever change us, they also hold the power within them to be a catalyst for growth & transformation. They can propel us into a metamorphosis.

The teachings in Module 5 will unpack the specific psychological strategies that individuals use, who not only ‘bounce back’ from traumatic situations, but who also find the hope to transform into a new reality.


MODULE 6 – Leading Others Through Change & Challenge

Very often we are not the ones going through a hard situation, we are supporting or leading someone else who is going through a painful situation.

(And as leaders, sometimes we are the instigators of the change they are struggling to deal with!)

The teachings in Module 6 will unpack the neuroscience of leadership & specific strategies you can use to support someone going through change or challenge.

These principles can be applied in both a leadership & personal context.



BONUS 1 – How To Positively Deal With Criticism (even if you’re sensitive)

As a leader & influencer, criticism or “feedback” seems to come with the job.

How we deal with criticism can either positively build our lives, or it can destroy us, causing us to shrink & loose our confidence (which is the key ingredient of our success).

The teachings in Bonus 1 will unpack the research around emotional sensitivity & the connection with highly creative individuals.

It will also unpack a philosophy & practical steps to deal positively with criticism so that it can build your life & business, rather than destroying it (& you in the process).


BONUS 2 – Creating Space

Intentionally creating time for reflection & self care is one of the greatest ways we can adapt to change & increase our personal resilience.

Many of us know this in theory, but trying to find this time amidst the fast-paced demands of our life can be challenging.

This module will bring awareness to your current priorities & commitments, so that you are empowered to make changes & intentionally create time for yourself.


BONUS 3 – The Happiness Booster

There are many situations when we need to make a quick change from a negative, grumpy mood into a positive, energetic mood… and fast!

The Happiness Booster is a list of 20 activities based on neuroscience that have been proven ways to boost your energy & mood.


Inside The Members Area...


I’m not a leader or influencer, can I still take this program?

Absolutely! Although this program has been created for leaders & influencers, the principles and practical strategies are beneficial for anyone who wants to develop a deeper inner strength & equip themselves to handle stress & challenge.

How is this different from other programs? 

E-SCHOOL is different because it is based in neuroscience principles and psychological studies. It combines both the understanding of the brain & how people work, while applied to the journey of leading.


I’m not very tech savvy, will I be able to use the video training course?

If you can use email, you will be able to navigate the members video training platform. In the video above ‘E-SCHOOL overview’ there is a screen shot of how easy it is to navigate the members site. You will receive an email upon purchase with the link to login & the details of how to do so.

Will I get individual help? 

This is a group online training program, so it is designed as a self-study course. If you do have concerns or questions feel welcome to email our team at

When do I get access to the program? 

Instantly. As soon as you purchase the program, you will be sent a link to the membership site & you can begin the training immediately if you wish.

How long will the program take to complete? 

E-SCHOOL is designed as a 6-week training course, with introduction & bonus sections.

How long will I have access to the training? 

You can take as long as you need to complete this program. Access is given for a minimum of 3 years.

What if I want to purchase this product for multiple people? 

You will need to purchase the product separately for each individual. If however, the group of people you would like to purchase it for, is more than 5 people, please contact us directly on



Enrolment for E-SCHOOL is currently closed.


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