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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation

The Mental Exercise That Can Turn Anxiety Into Gratitude

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Ever found yourself having ‘one of those days’ where everything keeps going wrong?

Or when you feel like everything is going well for everyone else, but you can’t catch a break?

When this happens for too long, you begin to feel like life is unfair; easier for other people; and maybe your are ‘cursed’, or just don’t have the capacity like others must have.

(Image credit @jshnaaa)

(Image credit @jshnaaa)

As much as this may be a chain of events you are going through, it also has a high potential to be a pattern of thinking that’s not serving your life.

What you are focusing on will create the life you experience.

The power of focusing your brain

Years ago, before I had done much overseas travel, I really wanted to go to Europe – Paris, Italy & all those amazing places.

It took a few years before we were able to actually go & within that time period, I had so many moments when I felt like “everybody” was going or had already gone… which let me say, did not lead to feeling content & grateful in life.

But I hadn’t yet learnt the power of ‘priming’.

Priming is an effect that happens in our brain in which exposure to one thing, influences the response to another.

If I said to you today, to look out for blue cars on the road, after a few days you would start feeling like “there are SO many blue cars on the road, does everyone have a blue car?”

The same happens with our thinking when we are living in comparison or a mindset of lack. Without realising it, our brains are primed, and we start feeling like “everyone” has a business that’s exploding, a promotion at work, a new house, an overseas holiday etc.

But the truth is, this is actually just the power of priming in our minds.


1 Prime Your Brain To Notice What You Want

Because ‘priming’ is built into your brain, you cannot just say “I am not going to notice any more blue cars anymore” (as most of us try to do).

Its like the example when we say “don’t think about a pink elephant”. We all think about one.

The power is turning this priming into your favour.

Ask yourself – what do I want to focus on today?

Intentionally choose your focus at the beginning of each day.

2 The Power Of Gratitude

One of the reasons keeping a regular gratitude practice is important is because it actually primes our mind with what to focus on.

Gratitude forces us to focus on things to be grateful for, so we’re much more likely to notice all the things going right in our lives, rather than all the things going wrong.

You can keep a daily gratitude practice by writing down 3 things daily in a journal, mentally doing the practice or keeping a family gratitude jar where you write it all down together.

3 Being Aware Of Your Own Mental State

It can become a defeating loop.

If you’re anxious, you’re going to notice everything going wrong; but when you notice everything going wrong it’s going to make you anxious.

We have to interrupt this destructive process by recognising when it’s happening & then intentionally focusing our thoughts into another direction.

You can always control your thoughts around a situation. This is why reframing your thinking is such an important skill for all of us to develop.

To help you with this, you can download my free checklist of 9 powerful questions to reframe your thinking, here.

The power of focusing your mind in certain direction has the power to affect what you notice throughout your day, which then in turn affects your mental & emotional state.

By taking control of your thinking & what you mind is focusing on, we can unlock freedom in life, & live with a deep sense of gratitude. 



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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation.