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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation

Supercharge Your Intuition In Leadership

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We all have a ‘sweet spot’.

Our strength, an area we dominate, the things that are effortless for us and yet are flawless.

Sarah Boyd

Sometimes we underestimate the value of these strengths, wishing that we had someone else’s ones, thinking that ours isn’t that helpful.

But we all still have them. The gifts & talents, strengths & intuition that have served us to grow our business & leadership to what it is today. 

I wonder what yours is? 


When you’ve been working with your strengths for any period of time, you build up networks in your brain that activate automatically when you’re ‘doing your thing’.

It is effortless, intuitive & fast.


1 Effortless

Whatever we repeatedly do, we build up neural pathways in our brain. The more we do the activity, the stronger & more automatic the pathway.

Until eventually, when we do something enough times, it becomes automatic – without any conscious thought required.

2 Intuitive

From a neuroscience perspective, intuition is considered to be a result of multiple learnings in the past, which help create patterns of expected behaviour.

This means that our intuition is most often accurate in the areas of expertise.

When we have created a strong neural network from countless experience, studies show that we can just look at a problem (in our specific area) & get a ‘gut’ feeling the something is off. We recognise the patterns so strongly that our brain automatically knows when it doesn’t fit the pattern.

3 Fast

Because the neural pathways are so strongly established in the brain; you can look at complex problems in your area of expertise, & very quickly know how to respond.

Beginners or intermediates will take much longer to work on & solve the problems.




Because our neural pathways have grown so strong over time, we learn to trust it, to lean on it, to not even question it – because you’re always right & it always works.

Until it doesn’t.


In our every changing world, the idea of a stagnant, consistent area of expertise does not exist.

If we are not careful, we can stunt our growth in our business & leadership by not being aware that the game has changed.

Opportunities we miss

Problems that we can’t solve.

All because we are looking at them the same way as the ones before.

Because our brain is programed to look at them the same way as the ones before.




1 Doubt Yourself

There are certain times when we must not trust our intuition. If we just rely upon it without thinking it through we will get ourselves into trouble.

We especially need to question our intuition when we are tired or we haven’t taken the time to reflect upon the situation.

You can read more about this process in my previous article – The 3 times you should never trust your intuition. 


2 Get Around Bigger People

Do you have individuals or even groups of people who are even better than you, in your area of expertise?

We can all get caught in the trap of being in a rut.

But when we have people in our lives that challenge us to new levels of mastery, it opens up our perspective to new learnings, which in turn build more effective neural networks in our brains.


3 Make Intentional Change

If you are hitting a block & realise that there are certain areas of your intuition or expertise that really aren’t serving your leadership or business anymore, then its time to put some effort in to change them.

Neural pathways are powerful. They take intentional effort to change & over-run.

You can read more about this process in my previous article – 3 rules to overcome sabotage & make long lasting change. 



Our strengths & intuition are a gift to our business and leadership life. For many of us, we wouldn’t even have a business or be in leadership without them.

It’s important to not get caught in the trap of automatically trusting things that come easy to us. Awareness goes a long way to navigating pit falls & growing stronger & more effective networks for dominating your business life.

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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation.