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Stop Waiting For Someone Else To Recognise Your Potential & Own Your Future

I wonder if you’ve ever visited the magical land of ‘one-day when’?

Its a magical place.

There are fairies and pixies; & rainbows with little pots of gold at the end.

This magical thinking of ‘one day when’, is based on the belief that if we just do all the ‘right’ things then one day what we really want will just appear.

Maybe you’re sitting in an office cubicle & thinking that you’d like to start your own company; but that’s going to happen ‘one day when’.

Or maybe you’re working in an organisation & you’d love to be promoted into the C-suite; but you think that will happen ‘one day when’.

The truth is this is just a magical land, a fantasy – it doesn’t exist.


I personally used to believe in the magical land of ‘one day when’.

I believed that if I would just be a ‘good’ girl & do the ‘right’ things, then what I secretly dreamed of doing with my life would just magically unfold.

But it never happened.

This was the gift within my cancer diagnosis that I received in my late 20’s – it woke me up to the realisation that my life wasn’t guaranteed.

I finally had clarity that if I wanted to do something with my life that would have impact & of service to others, then I had to get out of my own way & start doing something.

So in today’s episode we’re going to talk about – ‘How to stop waiting for someone to recognise your potential, & own your future’.

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see women leaders make. 

We wait for someone else to see potential in us, that we essentially won’t see for ourselves.

Maybe you’re working really hard in your role, & you’re waiting for your boss to recognise your potential out of nowhere, & promote you into your dream job.

Or maybe you have this secret dream of starting your own company but you’ve never told anyone & you’re hoping one day someone will come along & recognise that potential in you.


Not many people can see a tree within a seed.

Not many people can see your potential until you have valued it enough, to allow it to grow. 

It’s time to stop waiting for someone else to see our potential, & to start to place value upon ourselves.

stop waiting for someone else to recognise your potential & own your future


1 Value what you’re waiting for someone else to recognise

Your potential, your dream, your idea, is a seed.

It has the same value within it to grow into something amazing.

If you truely believed that it is a seed, you would feed it, take care of it, & protect it.

Is that how you’re treating yourself?

Are you feeding your dreams? Protecting them? Sharing them with the right people?

Are you valuing the thing that you are waiting for someone else to acknowledge within you?


2 Own your space

Have confidence in your strengths and unique expertise.

Instead of feeling badly & presenting your gifts to the world in a way that says “I know its not that good, I wish it could have been better”, present it with confidence & ownership.

How would you feel if one of your children was walking around feeling badly & apologising about things they are amazing at?

As a parent, we want our children to be proud of their strengths.

What example you’re setting today for your children in this area?

Don’t worry about being arrogant or proud.

Owning your space isn’t believing you’re better than others, it is saying you know what your personal strengths are.


3 Take incremental steps towards the dream
 stop waiting for someone else to recognise your potential & own your future

Fear thrives in a place of inaction.

While what you want to do remains an idea, while it stays in your own thinking and there’s no action to it, the fear will take over your life.

Whatever incremental step forward you can take, take it.


When we step out of the magical land of ‘one day when’ & place value our own potential, we will find ourselves building the life & legacy we’ve always dreamed of.


In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you –

What do you need to recognise and value within yourself?

stop waiting for someone else to recognise your potential and own your future

    Linda Fantastic wisdom and a timely ‘kick up the butt’ for me. Thank you for eliminating anoter one of my excuses 🙂
      Sarah Boyd Ha you’re welcome Linda 🙂 It’s a lesson I have to continually remind myself also xo

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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation.