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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation

Retrain Your Brain To Overcome Negativity & Find Joy

Have you ever been around someone that no matter what you are talking about, they find a way to make the conversation go on a negative spin?

Have YOU ever been that person? I know I have at times.

We can all fall into the trap of a negative, cynical mindset.

Sarah Boyd


The truth is that negativity is hugely draining of energy & motivation; it repels others from wanting to spend time with us; and it primes our thinking to continue to only notice the things that are going wrong, and ignore the things that are going right.

Negativity will create a lifeless dark world around us, if we continue to stay in this mindset.

Most of the time we are not even aware that we have fallen into negative thinking. 

Becoming aware of why we are in a negative mindset is the first step forward away from a cynical from of mind.



  1. Tiredness
  2. Not having mental or emotional space
  3. The people around us
  4. Unresolved negative emotions (pain, sadness, anger, grief, guilt)
  5. Dealing with an ongoing, unchanging, hard situation
  6. Unresolved trauma or pain from the past
  7. Physical pain
  8. Dreams/career/family not working out how you would have hoped


All of these factors can cause negativity by themselves, but if you combine a few together (which is what often happens) you have a successful recipe for disaster.

It is often a struggle to find faith and hope when you are feeling weighed down by the issues of life.

But don’t give up, fighting your way out of negativity and into a positive mindset is possible & is a key part of experience happiness & fulfilment in life.



1 Go To Bed Early

Not getting enough sleep is one of the quickest ways to move our mental state into the gutter and loose perspective on life.


2 Take A Break

From whatever is the stressor/challenge for you. Time away, doing something that you enjoy, is an incredible antidote to change your perspective on life.

The bigger the challenge, often the bigger the breaks needed.


3 Do An Inventory Of Who You’re Spending Time With

Are there certain names that come into your mind when you think about “energy-draining”?

You could try to change the topics of conversation, keep things a bit lighter, or try to spend less time with them.


4 Plan Some Time With Positive Uplifting People

Energy is contagious. As you spend time with others who have a more positive outlook on life it will rub off on you.

There is a phenomenon in psychology called “emotion contagion” that says that we often ‘catch’ the emotional state of the people around us, almost like we ‘catch a cold’.

It is so important to be aware of who we are spending our time with.


5 Do Something Inspiring and Creative

It is hard to be in a cynical mindset when you are in a creating mindset.

Creativity requires that we consider possibilities.


6 Put Yourself Back In The Game

Often it is when we are bruised and broken that we sit on the sidelines of life and become negative about everyone else having a go, when it’s actually because their actions are confronting our pain.

No matter what has happened, or what you believe you’ve failed at; give it another go, be open to new possibilities.


7 Journal Your Feelings

Journalling is a lost art but an essential part of becoming aware of your own feelings.

Is there anything going on for you in life that you are finding confronting or hard to resolve?


8 Get Some Professional Help

If you’ve gone through a lot of these steps and are still feeling stuck in a negative rut, why not go & speak with a professional.

Don’t spend all your life feeling like this, get some support to move past it all.


We’ve all been there at times – stuck in a negative rut, thinking (or saying) cynical comments left, right & centre; pulling down others who life seems to be working for.

But this isn’t a healthy way to live & experience life. You can influence the quality of your life by taking control of your thoughts, & leaning them towards hope.  


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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation.