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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation

Mastering New Situations With Ease

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At the beginning of any new season in our lives, there are multiple dynamics that we have to learn, adjust to, and eventually master.

(Image credit @jshnaaa)

(Image credit @jshnaaa)

Our role may have changed, or our responsibilities increased, or people we are spending our time with may have had major adjustments.

In the midst of all these changes we push hard, hustle, and then wonder why the stress has significantly increased in our lives and we’re not coping.


When we have intentionally introduced change into our lives, we are often aware of its impact.

But when change happens to us as a result of our circumstances changing, we are often slower to recognise and respond to its impact on our lives.

No matter what is going on in your business or personal life, mastering our psychology is critical to navigating new situations with ease.



1 Create Space

Have you created space for the new situations in your life at the moment?

Or are you trying to just work harder?

Your brain uses a HUGE amount of energy to create new networks in your brain for what eventually becomes our automatic behaviour.

Think about when you travel to a new place for the first time – it’s exhausting just trying to work out how to get from a to b.

Any type of change uses up your mental and emotional capacity. By understanding this and working with your brain, you can create ease during change.


2 Master Your Emotions

So many of us believe that emotions are bad, but our emotions are just indicators or signposts.

Take a moment right now to ask yourself how you are feeling about life?

Content, peaceful, at ease? Or stressed, angry, or upset?


Take a moment to lean into these feelings. Write them down and attempt to name them:

“I am feeling _______________”

Now take 5 minutes to write down why you might be feeling these things.

Did you gain any insight into the situations you are dealing with?


This simple exercise is how we master our emotions – we use them as signs to pause, pay attention and gain insight.


3 Reframe Towards The Positive


Inbuilt into our psychology is an amazing mindset tool called “reframing”.

This is our mental ability to see the same situation from a different perspective.

Research has shown that this simple activity can significantly reduce emotional overwhelm. It also helps us to gain meaning and insight for our lives.


Is there a different way of looking at your situation?

Is it a challenge or could it be an opportunity? or a learning experience?

How much will this situation matter in 5 years? 10 years?

What is the good that is within a challenging situation?

What is a positive way you can view your current situation?


Whenever you are entering new situations, take some time to create some space and process your thoughts and emotions.

By intentionally doing these activities you will be able to master new situations with ease.

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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation.