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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation

How To Lead Your Business Without Burning Out

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Burnout. It can be a very controversial topic.

There are many people in the business & leadership community that believe it doesn’t exist, or as long as you are working on something you love it will never happen.

But I believe that this view is uninformed.

Burnout is a very real issue that leaders have to deal with. 


The world needs what you bring to the table. Your gifts & perspective are invaluable, but you’re not going to be of service to anyone if you end up on the sidelines because you have burnt out.

It is possible to run your business & lead at a high capacity level in a way that avoids burnout.

In todays’ video, we’re going to talk about how to lead your business without burning out.

Burnout can be an uncomfortable topic to talk about. Nobody wants to admit weakness. In particular in business & leadership where projecting strength & certainty is critical for developing a strong brand & following.

But behind closed doors we need to be mindful of being real with how we are really going. This can often feel intimidating & confronting for leaders.

Most of the time when we’re not feeling quite ok, we often push harder. We work more – 24/7. But this only leads to even more stress. This  mindset is what sets us up for failure.


The truth is you can still be working hard & already be burnt out – it’s like a car crash happening in slow motion.

Burnout manifests itself in so many different ways:

  • Tension in relationships
  • Physical infirmities or health
  • Low or angry emotional mood
  • Mentally scattered & unable to get clear on decisions & tasks
  • Loosing your motivation & purpose behind your ‘why’


When athletes are training for performance, their training includes both times of exertion & times of recovery.

Recovery isn’t about doing nothing, it is about doing less than your capacity.

When athletes train in a way that has no recovery, this is when injuries happen.


We all have a stress system & response set up in our brain. This system is designed to work with times of exertion & times of recovery.

Again – recovery isn’t about not having any stress in your world, but it is times of less than your capacity.

But when you are pushing yourself too hard, 24/7 with no breaks for a long period of time, your healthy stress & recovery system breaks down & goes into overdrive.

Your body doesn’t know how to turn off the stress response.

This is the state when we start to see all the chronic stress conditions mentally & physically.


Your pace matters.

HOW you lead your business matters.

When you’re leading your business, it is critically important that you have times to push your capacity & reach hard for goals, but also have times of rest & recovery.


When you’ve had a big week at work, do you schedule recovery time on the weekend?

If you been running a large contract for weeks or months, have you scheduled a holiday at the end?

When you look at your yearly calendar can you see the eb & flow of exertion & recovery?


The truth is if you want longevity & sustainability in your business, you need to do it at a pace that you can sustain without injury.

I really believe that the world needs what you are bringing & you won’t be able to help anyone if you are sitting on the sidelines because you didn’t manage your pace well along the way.


In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you – what strategies have you found helpful to keep a good pace as you lead your business & avoid burnout?


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The 9 most powerful questions to get perspective in a difficult situation.